Why Canopus Wallet?

There are numerous wallets on the market, including Metamask, Coinbase and Trust wallet. However, with Canopus Wallet, users may completely control their crypto assets because of our safe and secure technology. With the use of our wallet, users may instantly buy, send, and receive crypto assests. Customers of UPRO can easily link their accounts to their Canopus Wallets to keep track of their transactions.

Stay Secured

Security with Encryption

Use our Encrypted Cloud Backup for increased wallet security.

Zero personal tracking

We don't track any personal information, including your IP address or balances.

Proactive alerts for risky transactions

Stay safe with alerts for risky address and dApp connections.

Personalized for Customera

Canopus Wallet include industry-leading security measures which involve biometric and passcode protection. The user-friendly preferences, such as Dark Mode and Notifications, will simplify everything. So why waste time when you can start using Canopus Wallet to master trade and transactions.


Empowering Your Digital Journey: The Canopus Wallet Advantage!

The Canopus Wallet built-in feature lets you exchange cryptocurrencies hassle-free, eliminating complexity and high fees!
Earn passive income by staking UPRO in the Canopus Wallet. It's an opportunity you don't want to miss
Send & Receive
Blockchain with lightning-fast, secure transactions and a 20,000 TPS, PoA consensus, setting the speed standard.

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This is a list of blockchains used in Canopus Wallet- decentralized, cryptographic databases - and other distributed ledgers